“I came in with low back and left hip higher than my right hip. Since Ive started my treatment, Ive been able to start back my martial arts training. I was able to do a spring reverse crescent kick last week and it felt good! Will continue treatments again.”
Loren S.

“I have been to 2 other chiropractors to deal with back/shoulder pain over the last 2 years with no relief. After 2 visits with Dr.Curley, I could tell she was making a difference. She listened to my specific needs and other areas for over all results. I thought i was just stuck with the pain, I cant believe how much better it feels. I wish i had came to her first!”
Eloise H.

“I had not been to a chiropractor in the last year and half and my fingers would getting very numb when i drove a car. I had moved to New Braunfels, Dec 30 and needed to find a chiropractor that could do work on my middle and upper back and neck particularly. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten. I like the approach of evaluation and method of progress I have gotten more relief and it has lasted longer than any where I have been”
Mary B.

“I came in with severe headaches and neck pain, dentist even diagnosed my TMJ. I firmly believed it was my neck injury, Curley straighten it out, gave full mobility back in my neck, headaches are gone, I can sleep and my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore! So grateful for everything and the healing care of Curley and staff! Blessings!”
Beth H.

“I came in thinking surgery on my herniated disk and bone spurs in my lower back was emanate. After only a little over a month Im back to working full days with little or no pain in my lower back”
David T.